Paradis Méditerranée is an emotional journey, an olfactory passage, an impressionistic evocation of a garden beside the sea.
The “Méditerranée” where climate, culture and lifestyle vibrantly come together, the Mediterranean lifestyle is all about enjoying the simple things in life: sea, sun, fresh air and a good glass of wine in the sunset.

The Wine

A wine from the sun with love

The sparkling Asprinio, crisper, with a lemony acidity. It’s called Asprinio di Aversa. This might well qualify as one of the world’s smallest and most obscure appellations. Asprinio grapes are grown only around the town of Aversa in Caserta province and in two villages in the adjacent Naples province. Asprinio vines cover fewer than 250 acres. Its smell is an exotic (but not cloying) perfume of jasmine and wild mint.

Surprise again. It is crisply acidic and refreshingly dry — very dry — with a hint of bitter almond. It goes well with most seafood, especially dishes with a lot of lemon or vinegar, and it’s perfect with buffalo mozzarella cheese, sweet tomatoes and aromatic basil. At the same time, its lightness and crispness can counterbalance heavier foods such as salami, prosciutto and full-flavored hard cheeses.

Le jardin

Our infusions are more about culinary creativity than science

We think of ourselves as artists, the uninfused spirit is our empty canvas, and the ingredients are our paint. We start looking at them as a flavor experience, ‘There’s so much enjoyment in the flavor.’
In that spirit, let our tastebuds, our emotions—not our brain—be our guide. Also, look at what’s in season. ‘There are so many great fruits and herbs that come out throughout the year from Mediterranean, We go to the farmers’ market and say ‘OK, what do they have today? What can we play with?’.

Un été à Positano

A liquer with the heart of a warm Mediterranean sea breeze, sunshine and shimmering water. A true summer citrus marine essence with the dance of the wind as it passes through coastal lemon trees, picking up the weight and confidence of the spices and the amber of the umbrella trees, rooted into the cliff face.

An instant refreshment. Its heart is a vivacious combination of lemon blossom with a hint of vanilla that brings a smooth character and a creamy note to complement the initial sparkle. Base notes give the fragrance a mellow warmth reminiscent of a summer Mediterranean evening in Positano. “Nearly always when you find a place as beautiful as Positano, your impulse is to conceal it”  Steinbeck wrote.

Princesse en noir


Who says princesses don’t wear black? When trouble raises its blue monster head, a true Princess  ditches her flouncy dresses and becomes the Princess in Black! In this liquer the beautiful licorice note is a perfect match for anice and violet. The intensive note is fresh and optimistic.

Licorice roots (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) are intensely sweet, herbal and slightly peppery. The distinction between licorice and anise often blurs, with the classical interpretations of the former being slightly darker and warmer. It smells of rooty, unsweetened licorice, lavender, and dried herbs.

L’amour en noir

Green walnut liqueur, otherwise known as Nocillo. Nocillo must be made with unripe walnuts only, and tradition holds that they must be gathered on June 24, the Feast of San Giovanni. Macerated in sugar and spices, the nuts are steeped in a neutral spirit to extract their flavor. Nocino tastes marvellous. Top notes encompass Italian violet, night-blooming jasmine and cedar wood. The heart adds Florentine iris, cloves and Tonkin musk, while the base introduces Bourgogne black currant and Bulgarian rose.

Aged for five years, it has an intense nuttiness and is as easy to drink as a fine after dinner digestif, it packs a punch, from Italy’s Campania region and It has pronounced flavors of cloves and cinnamon. We like to drizzle it over vanilla gelato, over ice with a squeeze of lemon it’s a great aperitivo, and it mixes well with cocktails too.

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